Printable Flag of Germany (Black Red Yellow Flag) IMAGES

The national symbol of any country are flags, there is a specific and particular flag of every country by which they are known and can be symbolized easily. There are many different countries in the world and every country has their own flag but today we are going to know about the German flags or flags of Germany and will also share the images of those flags which are easily printable and can be used for any purpose after downloading and printing. Let us come to know about the different kind or types flags of Germany.

Black Red Yellow Flag

The national flag of Germany which is also known as the German flag is a tricolor flag which is composed of three different colors in an horizontal way making three different rectangles of different colors.

The three colors which are imposed on national fall of Germany are Black, Red and Yellow all of these colors have there own meaning of adoption, this flag was, first of all, come in the existence in around 1919. The meaning of German flag is Republican democracy that is the unity and freedom of the country, the all three colors which are being applied on the are also referred as the color of democratic centrist and the political parties of the country.

Flag of East Germany

The east Germany is having it’s own flag which is slightly different from the national flag of Germany and is known as text symbol for national flag of east Germany. It is also a tricolor flag with three strips and the colors are same as of the current national German flag which is black – red – yellow the only difference is that in the middle of flag there is a compass-like symbol in it which is enclosed in a circle. This is the national emblem of east east Germany which is situated in the middle of their national flag.

German Empire Flag

The German empire is now officially known as the Deutsches Reich which was also the state of the German nation , unification of Germany was the main reason due to which it has existed from 1871 till the Kaiser wilhelm II got abdicated in around 1918. At its time there were around 26 territories which were under the German empire and most of these territories were being ruled by the Royal families at that time.

These territories were divided in the different types like in 4 kingdoms , 5 duchies, 6 grand duchies, 3 free Hanseatic cities , 7 principalities and 1 imperial territory. Most of the population Of Germany is residing in the Prussia from a long time. So for symbolizing the German empire the emperor’s were using flag as their national symbol which was also a tricolor flag which is composed of three colors that are black, white and red.

These colors of German emperor flag were in existence for a long time until the end of world war I by the time of Adolf Hitler in 1933 later on for modern Germany the colors of flag got changes from black, white, red to the black, red and yellow. This tricolor flag of black , white and red was declared as the national symbol for both civil and war ensign. This remains the flag of Germany till the end of world war first by 1918 with the end of German empire the flag was also changed.

Nazi Germany flag

By the end of 20th century the Nazi party of Germany also started to make some extensive use of different kinds of graphic symbols for different denotations from which the special and main symbol is swastika also called Hakenkreuz which is being used by the Nazi party as its principal symbol , the swastika flag has now become the state flag for Nazi Germany. This swastika symbol is the first symbol of Nazism which is having a meaning that says there is a strong association of Nazi Germany with the western circle of this world.

The color of Nazi Germany flag is same as the national flag of Germany which are red, white and black which is having the symbol of a swastika in its middle. This scheme of coloring the flag is generally associated with the anti-Weimar republic for the German nationalists which is the result of fall of the German empire and democratic Germany. Nazi Germany refuses to take the colors of flag as are in the modern German flag which are red, black and yellow and continues with the old flag with those colors and a swastika symbol in the middle. The order of color on Nazi German flag is on the first you will see black color , in the middle of flag there is the white color and at the end bottom side of flag, you will be going to see the red color.

These colors have their own meaning which was described by the Adolf Hitler as the swastika a symbol of Nazi party , red color denotes the social idea which is available for the Nazi movement and the white color represents the national idea of the party and the black color is used as to represent the mission of struggle for achieving victory as used in the Aryan culture , in today’s generation many of the countries like Germany, France, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Brazil, Lithuania, Ukraine and Israel has banned up the Nazi symbols and these are considered as the criminal offence if shown or displayed in the public for other than the Purpose of education.

German Flag ww1

German flag at ww1 or world war first was the symbol of central power and stands for it. During 1892 to 1918 the black, red and white colored striped flag was considered as the national flag of Germany and later on it was also adopted as the flag of merchants by the German empire.

At the time of war the the German confederation uses a naval war ensign by 1867 to the 1892 , this imperial war flag was having a white field composed of a black and white cross and in the upper left side corner there was a small black – white – red color flag was situated and at the middle of flag a black colored iron cross is established , this iron cross was first of all established by the order of Prussian king Frederick William III in the year 1813 in the war which was against Napoleon for the military valor. Then after some time in around 1892 the eagle of this German war flag was again redesigned by the order of Wilhelm II and was used till 1903 with the same design.

Later on in 1903 a slight changes have again come in consideration with war flag , these changes were made by the Kaiser Wilhelm II because he found out that the design of war flag is much similar to the British white ensign or flag so he make slight changes in the falls by making the size of cross large and more brightened. This fall was in use till the end of first world war by 1918. The German flag ww1 got changed several times till the first world war gets over or finish. These flags were used as the symbol of particular country and their power as each country was sacrificing for their own freedom or democracy.

German Flag ww2

The flag of Germany which was used at the time of world war II is known as the German flag ww2, as we know at that time the national flag of Germany was a tricolor with black red and white while later after Nazi period the swastika flag comes in existence and was used for the revolutionary purpose. There are many people who thought that the national flag of Germany at the time world war II was swastika flag but it is neither completely wrong not right as we have seen the flag of world war I similarly the flag of world war II was also same with slight differences.

The complete flag was colored red with a swastika symbol in the middle which was enclosed in a white and black circle. You will also see that there is a Christian cross-like symbol on the flag which is marked with the black and white color pattern and at the top left side corner there is again a small plus like symbol with black color and white outline. This was the flag which used at the time of world war II for representing Germany by the Nazi party which as ruling over at that time. At the time of Nazis, the swastika flag has become the national flag of Germany and same does in the battlefield also.

German Flag Coloring Pages

As the German flag is very popular in the world of history the books needs to make you aware about it completely if you are a kid then you might get some project work or in art classes for coloring German flag or drawing it so for your convenience if your child has also got such project them we are providing you the blank coloring pages for Germany flag so that your kid will be able to easily color the flag of Germany in the desired colors for the national flag of modern Germany which is red , black and yellow.

If you do not know the pattern of colors then keep remember that the national fall of Germany is having 3 strips on it from which the first strip is colored as black , the middle strip is colored as red and the last one , last strip of flag is colored as yellow or gold so color it in this way. You can easily download these below provided German flag images which are blank and can be colored easily. After downloading the image just simply have a print of it and help your child to color it easily , it is very simple to download and print it.

There are a lot of benefits of coloring these German flag pages for your kid like:

1 . Your child will come to know about the self expression.

2 . Coloring will help your child in recognizing proper colors.

3 . Therapy

4 . It will also build motor skills in your child.

5 . It will give your child a view that how to focus on a particular thing.


German Flag Emoji

We have seen a lot of emojis in our different devices and similarly we have also seen a wide list of emojis of flags for different countries from which many of the flags look like same and are hard or seems difficult to recognize the particular flag for the country but now we are here to discuss the German flag emoji we will tell you about the recognizing pattern for the emoji of German flag as we know that the colors of German flag are black, red and yellow respectively with three strips , there are many different platforms in which the symbol of German flag is available with its own real looks or in some platforms it is also shown as the letter DE representing the German flag and the letters after combining displays as the single emoji with a particular look. The German flag is also known as the regional indicator symbol letter DE or the Deutsch flag.


So , this is all about the different flags of Germany at different times. You will be going to see different colors, designs, emblems of the flag in different periods but the recent national flag of Germany is very simple with three stripped colored differently in black, red and yellow.

The all images which we have provided you in this article can easily be downloaded and printed for your use if required you will be going to get these printable images free of cost and the best part is that you will also get the coloring pages for the Germany flag which can easily be used by the kids or children for their project or boosting knowledge they can color them by their own which will leave an impression on their mind and help in remembering. We have also tried to give you all of the necessary and important information regarding German flags hope you will like it and get all of your queries or questions to be solved and enhancement in your knowledge.